Monday, December 15, 2008

Product Review: Brittany Needles and Hooks

A few years ago flipping through a Knit.1 magazine, I noticed Brittany knitting needles, and for my Christmas knitting needs purchased several of their DPNS in varying sizes.  These knitting needles are my very favorite that I have ever used.  I always prefer wood needles to metal (especially in this cold weather-- I took a pair of metal Size 17 Buoy Straights out of my car this morning, and they were so cold I had to hold them by the plastic end!), but have always used Clover Bamboo needles, because they are so widely available, and affordable.  Since I knit on DPNS a lot (which all knitters know are the easiest things in the world to lose), I like that I don't feel put out buying another set to replace the needles I have lost to the couch cushions, the bus stop, or the bottom of my purse only to be re-found after I purchase another set and complete the project!
Brittany needles, however, are made of high quality birch wood, and only slightly more expensive than the bamboo.  Their wood is sustainably harvested from small lumber distributors, and at every step of production, Brittany considers the impact of their product; the packaging is 100% recyclable, and if you remove the label, the packaging can be put in the compost pile!  They make crochet hooks (which have a lovely carved end that makes me want to learn crochet even more) from D to K,  and knitting needles in straights at 10" and 14", and double points in sizes 5", 7.5", and 10", sold in sets of five, from sizes 0 to 35 (though not all sizes are available in all lengths).  They guarantee their product for up to five years, and will replace any broken needles. 
Ecological and economical friendliness aside: my favorite part of these needles is they all have the company name (along with the size) printed into the needle, so all my needles say "Brittany."  It's like having a customized set of needles for free!

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sarah marie p said...

You are so cool my Britt, of course you deserve your very own needles named after you!