Saturday, November 7, 2009

Library Pledge: Westwood Public Library

Library: Westwood Public Library
Date: Saturday, October 24th, 2009

I visited this library for a reading by Francesa Lia Block, pesky pixie author of Weetzie Bat.  
I have an author worship problem; whenever I meet a writer whose work I admire I tend to get a little spazzed out... When I met Jonathan Safran Foer way back in... 2006?  I got up to the book signing table, and handed him my book, the Post-it with my name on the title page, and I couldn't even talk.  Couldn't say a word.  I just handed him the book, gave him a wimpy little smile, and walked away.  He kind of looked at me funny... he will be at the Santa Monica Public Library tomorrow talking about Eating Animals.  Maybe I should go and try to not flip out.  But really, has anybody seen Mr. Foer?  I know he's married, but jeez louise.  Can you blame me for going silent? Also, I'm vaguely annoyed about Natalie Portman's recent article on Huffington Post regarding this book; is it really fair for someone to be gorgeous, have kissed Devendra Banhardt, be a genius, and be morally awesome, too?
Anyway, I had the exact opposite effect with Ms. Block when I met her (it was a very small, intimate kind of reading; quite lovely, actually).  I started talking a mile a minute about my niece, my sister, how only the very best boys we dated were Secret Agent Lover Men, a book report my sister did where we chopped all this cheapo doll's hair off so she would have a funky Weetzie-do... ridiculous.  
The library itself is very nice; I have it on good authority that when it rains, because the library has a metal roof, it's quite soothing.  Rainy-day ambiance is very important for libraries, in my mind; this library also has a back window that looks out over a tiny little cemetery.  


Istvan said...

Dear Neat Moth,

Can you please document some of the interiors of LA libraries as well? And maybe post them. When is your first book dropping?

Britt said...

You know, I would love to take pictures of the interiors of the libraries, but, understandably, you have to have special permission. The reason for this is because librarians kick butt when it comes to protecting patron privacy-- it's their way of saying, "To hell with you, Patriot Act!" Sigh. I love libraries... As far as my book, I have to say, if you can believe it, the market for poetry isn't as hopping as you'd think! Hee, hee... I'll keep plugging on, though!