Monday, January 19, 2009

Crafty Me

Oh, how sweet it is-- a day off, with no errands to run, nowhere to be!  
I decided to take a few pictures of the crafts and baking I have been doing over the last month, but haven't had a chance to post!
I made this earring holder in a couple of hours-- and it would have been less if it hadn't been raining, and the spray paint wasn't drying like... well.  Like paint drying.  I love the color-- it's a new color, Paprika-- and having all of my cute earrings out instead of jumbled in a box makes it easier for me to remember what I have.

Earring Holder
Frame, Goodwill: $2.00
Screen, OSH, 2 yrds.: $1.39
Dowels, OSH: $0.39
Spray Paint, OSH: $3.49
Total Cost: $7.27

I baked this cake from scratch, using this recipe from Family Circle.  Seriously-- this cake is one of the most beautiful I have ever made.  I wasn't crazy about the cake itself, though; it was really heavy, almost like a cheese-cake.  Everyone in my family loved it, though-- there wasn't a single piece left!

This rocking chair is one of the first major projects I took on since I moved back to Clovis.  I got the rocking chair from Sarah and John, when they moved out of their old apartment.  It was pretty badly broken at the join between the rocker and the chair, and the dowel keeping them together had snapped off and was stuck in the join.  They were going to through it away, but since I didn't have much to do, I thought I would make it a project.

It's totally fixed, with new woodscrews and a new dowel to reinforce the old broken join, with new foam padding on the seat, and new adorable birdie fabric.  I also had to do a little creative sanding, because some kitties who shall not be named had been nibbling away on the edges. This is the fabric I used; it's so stinkin' cute!  It's called "Bird Seed," and I love it to death.  JoAnn's has suddenly gotten kind of hip with their fabric choices.

Rocking Chair
Chair: Free (Thanks, Sarah and John!)
Woodscrews, Dowels, and Sandpaper: Free (just lying around the craft bin)
Spray Paint, Lowes: $2.50 (with 25% off coupon)
Foam: $8.99, JoAnn's
Fabric, 1 yrd.: $4.99
Total: $16.48


yarnygirl said...

Love the earring holder, love the cake, love the chair....LOVE THE FABRIC on the chair!! Great job!!

K@ndi said...

Oh wow! I so need something to hold my 5 million earrings. Great idea.

sarah marie p said...

I love all of your creations! All of your earrings look so gorgeous on display and I really like the different color you chose for the project! Nom nom that cake looks so yummy! It really is beautiful! That serving platter is too cute, btw! And ummmmmm OHMYGOSH the rocking chair! How freakin adorable is it?! Ahhhhh! You are a genius! And now I want to find a rocking chair on craigslist so you can help me make it look uber cute! Lovin that fabric SO MUCH!

*jimaie.marie* said...

you are a freakin ROCKSTAR Britt! I love all of your crafts, they're all gorgeous!
You're earrings look so impressive on that handy dandy holder and i love the color you chose!
omg, that's so purty! I'm drooling...trying to figure out an excuse to bake a cake now LOL wait, i don't NEED an excuse do i? :D
You gave that rocking chair a whole new life and it looks AWESOME! i lurve that Alexander HEnry fabric, I actually bought some for a friend in pink for her little girls blankie! I wish I knew how to do something other than purchase fabric tho...that'd be cool ;D