Friday, October 23, 2009

The Library List

I have several points to make:
A) You know how when you live in a city, you never go to any of the landmarks in that city?  Like when I lived in San Francisco I never went to Alcatraz or walked across the Golden Gate Bridge or went to the top of the Transamerica Pyramid (though I can't even count the number of times I went to City Lights, which is near the base of the building... sigh.  I've been missing good bookstores... I need to find one here in L.A. Or maybe not.  I might spend the rent check!)  Or when I lived in Big Bear, I never went snowboarding.  And I've never been the Forestiere Underground Gardens.  
B) I love lists.  Don't you love lists?  I love lists because you can check things off of lists.  Sometimes I make lists, and I write "Make To-Do List" at the top so I can cross it off.  
C) People who "do" lists are even more awesome.  Like, people who climb "The Top Seven Tallest Mountains in North America," or who visit every state in the United States, or have acted at least once in every known Shakespeare play.  This kinda stuff kills me.  I feel like it's the epitome of human achievement, even the small stuff, like reading every Jane Austen novel.  There is something so lovely in being complete and comprehensive.
Which brings me to my point.  I have pledged internally, last night, in my Public Libraries class, to visit every City of Los Angeles Public Library in the system.  There are currently 72, two of which I have been to: the Will and Ariel Durant Hollywood Regional Branch, and the Central Library (the cathedral of books...  I want to get married in their atrium...).  This weekend, I will be visiting the Westwood Branch, for a book talk given by three YA authors.  So three down, 69 to go!
I feel so monumental!  So it's not Everest, but I still think it's pretty cool.


.jimaie.marie. said...

hahaha I love this line " Sometimes I make lists, and I write "Make To-Do List" at the top so I can cross it off. "
You are awesome.
I think that's a really cool pledge! I would love to visit the libraries here in town that I still haven't been to!

sarah marie p said...

Oooh I also love lists! Every day when I get to work I make a list of the two or three blog posts I'm going to write for work. And then I cross them off and write "done" with a red check mark! Yessss! And today I already started another list of birthday presents I need to get for relatives. Last night I lost a to-do list in Target! oh noes! I wonder what the person who found it thinks of my list. Haha, reminds me of John because one time we found a random shopping list in Food Max and John was excited to check out the super secret items on the list. Uhh ... bananas? milk? ha.

I approve of your Library List! I think it's a noble goal! And I'm confident you will complete it! And like Jimaie said, I need to go to libraries in Fresno more often!

And one of the next times you come back to Fresno we should go visit the Forestiere Underground Gardens!