Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Haute (Dog) Couture!

In general, I am against dogs in sweaters-- I mean, they're dogs!  They have fur coats already, right?  But this speshul snowflake (I named the second sweater this in homage to my hypocritical feelings on dogs in sweaters) is too cute to be shivering for the next three months.

This is an exact pattern (Little Black Dress with Pearls) from My Savannah Cottage.  Ms. Abby's momma loves those pearls, so I figured she probably does, too!

This is based on Need for Tweed from Lion Brand Yarn's free pattern database.  I had to adjust the size for Abby, as the smallest size was still too big, but it came up a little short.  By the time I knit her next sweater, I won't need to adjust the size at all-- she's growing like a weed!


sarah marie p said...

Oooh you are a better blogger than me! I really need to blog this! And send you your thank you card!

Thank you SO much for making these teeny tiny pieces of haute couture! Although Abbie looks a little pissed, I am in love with these outfits! They are too adorable! I would love a purple & cream striped sweater and a black ruffly dress with pearls for myself! I think it's funny Abbie looks a little irked -- she needs to realize that she is wearing Britt Foster originals, straight off the runway!

It was so sweet of you to find small patterns for Miss Abbie! Now she needs to stop growing like a weed and stay a tiny puppy forever!

Britt said...

I know... her expression is hilarious. I like to think of it less as "pissed," and more as "angsty model chic." Ya know, like every Urban Outfitters model. I just can't stop looking at dog sweaters now! If Abby was mine, I would probably dress her up all the time, and knit "excloosively" for her. So cute!

sarah marie p said...

Oh, I totally see what you're saying. Models can't smile! No way! They gotta look cool and angsty! Soooo Urban Oufitters! Man, you should design a line of dog clothes for Urban Outfitters for hipsters' hip pooches!

I can't wait until you get your doggaloo! Our pups can walk the runway together! Hee. I wonder if they do have doggy fashion shows?

.jimaie.marie. said...

Britt, I DIED when I saw these little pieces of fashion you created for Abbie!!!!! She looks RIDICULOUSLY cute in them!
Of course the ruffled dress with pearls is my very fave, you are amazing!! What a good auntie you are! Oh little Abbie, you are spoiled by your aunties!
I will bring you all the treats and fatten you up and then Britt will keep knitting you ADORABLE outfits in bigger sizes to keep up with your healthy physique...I can see it now! ;D lol