Monday, November 10, 2008

The Cost of an Education

I registered for my GRE a few days ago, and it was $140.00 for the computer-based test.  I am applying to three schools, and the average application fee is $50.00.  Since none of them are in the same university system, I can't pay one application fee, so that's another $150.00.  So far, including the postage for mailing what isn't covered by the online application (letters of recommendation, transcripts), the cost of applying alone is over $300.00.  That doesn't even cover any of my tuition or fees.  Now, I recognize that I am applying to three distinguished and somewhat competitive programs (although my field-- librarianship-- isn't that competitive, compared to say, business, or medical or law school), in three of the most expensive cities in the United States (L.A., Seattle, and New York).  I did complete my undergrad work in another incredibly expensive city-- San Francisco-- which left me with a little chunk of student loans (though I was lucky enough to have several scholarships and grants, which offset the cost a little).  The minimum I will pay for my masters is $20,000, not including cost of living.  Getting educated is friggin' expensive!  And with the economy crumbling, options like federal student loans and private loans are getting harder and harder to secure-- especially for those with fair or poor credit, or large credit balances-- like undergrad student loans! It's a vicious cycle.

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sarah marie p said...

I'm going to be crossing my fingers for your student loans! And of course that you get into U.C. L.A. (I'm sure it's totally going to work out! For sure!) ... and maybe I'll be hoping you don't get into the other two schools - I want you near me! :) OOh I'm such a selfish girlie!

Hope your studying is going well! I will call you tomorrow to wish you good luck!