Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fake Flyers

After reading this Wired report about people posting fake flyers, I feel like it's just so important to point out the extreme significance of voting, and of being an informed voter, from the top of the ticket to county legislature.  People are serious about taking this right away, from local idiots like this, to voting systems that disenfranchise those that need to make their voices heard the most.  It's a cliche, but only because it's true-- people have been beaten and killed for our right to vote.  Not in the "hawk" sense that some people seem to like to throw around as a justification for war, but in the South in the fifties and the sixties.  All over America in the beginning of this century.
Follow the issues that are on the ballot.  Research each proposition outside of the biased and special-interest-funded TV and radio commercials.  Don't vote the way your friends and family do just because they're your friends and family.  If you're still not sure about where you stand on some issues, check out this broadcast from KPFA-- they are a progressive, independent media source, and while they do have a strong left slant, they present each prop as well-researched, and share points of view from those on the left that aren't in agreement on how to vote.  I found this especially helpful, as the brochures that are sent out the month before elections drive me crazy-- I just can't get over THE ALL CAPS GRAMMAR and TWENTY million exclamation POINTS whoever writes these things seem to think get THEIR POINT across BETTER!!!!!! 
I'm going to take some time tonight to sit down and fill out my sample ballot, from top to bottom, and to do further reading on some of the propositions I'm not decided on-- like 3, 11, and 12, and research the options for my local school board, and other non-partisan officials that I haven't heard all that much about.   This is probably one of the most exciting elections ever, and either way, it's going to be historical.
I'm excited.  Let's all go vote!

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