Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Want It!

This may be the very best bracelet ever, next to my Jack Kerouac bracelet.  Same style-- lacquered images set into metal braces, with elastic cord in between, designed by Carolyn Forsman.  Seriously awesome.

It's kind of hard to see, but each one of these images is a cover of a banned book.  There is an adult version, with books like Howl, Go Ask Alice, and The Color Purple, and a children's version with Captain Underpants, King and King, and Blubber.  I found it while I was searching the ALA (American Library Association) website for scholarships.  That's right.  Spending money while I'm trying to earn it.  
Get it here, and support the ALA!


sarah marie p said...

Sooooo did you buy this bracelet? Cuz I think you should! It's SO Britt! Do it! haha, I'm a bad influence.

carolynforsman said...

carolyn here! thank you. Now a
necklace too! I'll be at ALA conference selling my stuff in support of the Freedom to Read too.