Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh, No!

In this time of economic downturn, with blocks of foreclosed homes, vast unemployment, and businesses closing right and left, this may seem very petty, but I am so sad: Domino Magazine is shutting down!  Conde Nast publishers have cited poor advertisement revenue as the reason the magazine will no longer be in print.  

While the magazine has always carried high-end decor ideas and products (even in their "budget friendly" issues), I have always turned to this magazine for inspiration for my home (I've lived in nine different places since the first issue came out); I even bought every issue when I was living out of my car!  I think I have the first issue, and have saved every issue since, even if a few are missing pages I've torn out for collages (their photography is always gorgeous).  While I could never really afford any of the stuff in their spreads, I could always copy it really well.  With spray paint, new fabric, and some touches added from Lowes or Michaels, I could come close to some of their featured pieces.  They have featured an annual green issue, and always promote low-VOC paint, repurposed wood, and recycled flea-market antiques as viable options for decorating your home, and most of the designers and products they interview are independent.  Over the four years the magazine has been in print, many recent and current design and art-school grads have been featured, and the resulting boost to the careers of these designers is surely significant.  While the magazine is basically one big ad, the home set-ups are still inspiring, and fresh and modern, unlike most of the home decor magazines that aren't very relevant to many younger people.
Saving for grad school, and staying home so much more as a result, I am constantly looking for pieces in the magazine to copy.  I have always believed "home" is a place of activism and community, and the pages in Domino, while pretty consumerist, are great for sharing ideas that make that space open to entertaining, cooking, and just being.
Bullcrap, I say.  I'm sad. 


Istvan said...

Hey Britt. It just happens to be Kerouac's Birthday today and I was wondering if your email address is potato related still because i want to email you. Or email me.

sarah marie p said...

First Jane magazine ... then Blueprint ... and now Domino?! :*( Sad times indeed.

The Fresno Bee just laid off a bunch of writers ... a million other papers have been shut down altogether. Blah. I just read this article in the Huffington Post where this guy predicted that pretty soon there will be few major cities with daily newspapers. BLAH again. Not that I have a subscription to a daily newspaper so I guess I'm not helping the problem. But still.

I was just going to say I can't stand reading the news anymore with all this bad news, but maybe that's the problem.

Anyway, how are you?! Miss you! xoxo