Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DIY Door Headboard

So many projects!  In honor of the ShakeOut on Thursday, I will share a project done this weekend and earlier today, not just for aesthetics, but for safety reasons.
When I was younger, my mother owned a floral shop, and she had this amazing door that she would use to spray paint against.  I have used this door as my headboard for years-- but even in San Francisco, I just screwed it into the wall!  No anchors, no studs, just straight, powdery, flaky drywall.  I can't believe I lived in San Francisco for four years with this wedge of wood just hanging precariously over my head... not to mention the unaware who would bonk their head on the doorknob.  
Once again relocated to an earthquake zone (and to make it pretty, of course), I added legs and thick bolts (with washers) to stabilize the door behind the bed.  It now looks a proper headboard: whaddya think?


sarah marie p said...

What the heck, lady -- this looks TOO COOL! Love it! And love your bedding! And your nightstand! Too cute!

Good work making the door safe and all that jazz. That's crazy it could have fallen on your head before! Ahhhh! Scary!

I need to call you! I miss you! I want to come see your new apartment! From all the pictures you've posted, I can tell that it's just gorgeous!

Istvan said...

I thought you might enjoy this Kate Bush video:


Britt said...

Awesome! I didn't read Wuthering Heights until last summer, and it was so intense... almost as intense as Kate Bush's dance moves! Thanks!

.jimaie.marie. said...

i LOOOOVE this!! wow! omgosh, now i totally want to scour craigslist for a neato door to turn into a headboard lol! Seriously tho!
I can't believe that was hanging over your head in SF you crazy woman! I'm glad you're safely secured now, no sudden deaths from blows to the head at night! ;)