Monday, October 19, 2009

Harriet M. Welsch, A.K.A., Harriet the Spy

Yesterday I went to the Goodwill on Vine, and, let me tell you, this place is heaven.  I had long ago sort of given up on Goodwill-- their prices are too high, and their selection, not funky enough.  This Goodwill, however, rocked, and while still more than say, a Salvation Army, isn't too bad for the goodness lurking in their racks.  So what did I score?

What!  What is this junk?  What happened to my impeccable thrift store taste!?! (Hee, hee-- yeah, right.  I remember this dress I bought at Mission Thrift-- which will always be the best thrift store in the world-- to wear for a dramatic reading of Virginia Woolf's "Death of the Moth," and after the reading, I cut off the length and the sleeves, but didn't hem them... awesome.  My mom yelled at me every time I wore that dress, and I cringe a little to think about how often I did.)  Anyway, it's hard to see in this picture, but one of the purse straps is ripped, and the lining, which at first I thought was roses, is in fact leopard print, and there is something red and sticky all over the inside, too-- I'm really hoping it's candy.  And there is also a frayed, faded, red hoody, not pictured.  So yeah-- it is junk.  But.... with a little bit of thread and some genius, I present to you...


Wait!  Is that a genuine Harriet the Spy Tool Kit?  You bet your sweet utility belt it is!  The only thing I left off was the knife, because I didn't think it would be such a good idea to go onto campus with such an implement.  I am dressing up as Harriet the Spy for Halloween this year, and even if nobody gets my costume, I don't even care (though I am wearing it to a party hosted by the Young Adult and Children's Services Librarians), because this utility belt is everything awesome in life.  I might just take to wearing this everyday, so I can have everything I need right at my fingertips-- Blackberry's got nothing on this sweet set-up.  I made it by hacking that hideous purse to pieces, sewing them into pockets, and sliding the various pouches onto that fab belt.
Here's a picture for comparison... I'll post one of my in full get-up the day of!


Sarah said...

How did I ever doubt your Harriet the Spy costume?! I am very, very impressed with the magic you worked to create that tool kit! Neato burrito! Love those pockets! Can't wait to see picture of the entire costume!

.jimaie.marie. said...

omg, i LOVE that you made this, what the heck guuurrrrl, you got skillz!
I want to see the whole costume, i love Harriet the Spy! :D

Sarah said...

p.s. I never doubted Harriet the Spy! I just initially voted for a different costume ... but I think you know what I mean! :) How could any one doubt Harriet? Hmmm. I don't think I know any Harriets. That is a pretty rockin name! So, Harriet, my point is that you totally have my vote now. Harriet for President! Britt for President! Or No.1 Librarian in the U.S.! In the world! Spies are so cool. I always wanted to be a private eye! p.s. This comment is outta control!